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Social media. Google. Website design. Online reviews. What should you focus on and how can you rise above the rest? Marketing companies who want to sell you their services won’t share the information and tools that we cover at this workshop.

How to reorganize your office and focus on the right internal marketing activities to make your practice generate more new patients consistently. These techniques have been shown to increase new patients by as much as 20 per month (for nearly zero cost). 

Unbiased information about what forms of advertising are actually working – right now in 2018 – to attract more new patients.

 We’ll show you how to specifically attract high quality patients and walk them through the process so they show up, accept treatment, come back for recall visits and refer their friends and family, too!

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100% Money-Back Guarantee.

The MGE New Patient Workshop comes with a full money-back guarantee. Tuition is fully refundable whether the course is attended or not for up to six months following the seminar date. There truly is no risk involved.

"We saw immense benefit from the referral system we learned at the MGE New Patient Workshop. Our new patients increased from an average of 40 to 124 a month, while dropping 75% of our reduced fee plans!"

Alla Dorfman, DDS // Tribeca, NY

Who is MGE: Management Experts?

We are a dental practice management training company and continuing education provider (we aren’t a postcard or website company, so we aren’t trying to sell you a marketing service).

We work with thousands of clients (dentists) who do every type of marketing under the sun—meaning we have our finger on the pulse of the dental marketing industry and know exactly what is working and what isn’t. 

We know what you should be doing, how much you should be spending, and what results it should give you. There is no guesswork.

We share this all with you at the MGE New Patient Workshop 2.0.

St. Petersburg, FL

August 17 & 18, 2018

Nov 16 & 17, 2018

MGE Training Facility

11800 30th Ct. N

St, Petersburg, FL, 33716

New York, NY

July 19 & 20, 2018

Oct 25 & 26, 2018

Hotel Beacon

2130 Broadway

New York, NY 10023

Southern California

Sept 14 & 15, 2018

Dec 7 & 8, 2018

Hilton Los Angeles North/Glendale

100 W Glenoaks Blvd

Glendale, CA 91202

Leslie Pasco, DMD

MGE Senior Seminar Instructor

Seminar Instructors

A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Pasco purchased her first practice (in New York) in 2002. In 2003 she became an MGE client and took her practice from collecting an average of $60,000 to over $300,000 per month. In 2013, she sold her practice, relocated to the Pittsburgh metro area, and within three years built an incredibly successful practice from scratch. With an intense desire to help other dentists achieve similar success, Dr. Pasco began speaking at MGE Seminars in 2008. Having lectured across the US and in Canada since then, Dr. Pasco now splits her time between her practice and serving as a Senior Seminar Instructor for MGE.

Adam Mortimer

Marketing Director, MGE

Adam Mortimer is MGE's own "marketing guy." He is in charge of the marketing department and is responsible for all planning, creating and managing all of MGE's marketing campaigns. This includes direct mail, advertisements, publications, website, social media and online advertising. Since Adam began as Marketing Director in 2013 MGE has had tremendous success in the digital realm and seen a 150% increase in leads overall.

Neil Winteregg

Service Consultant, MGE

Being the son a dentist and a having professional background in management, Neil possesses a unique insight into dental practice growth and management. After completing his management education, Neil joined MGE, one of the largest dental practice management training firms in the world, to work with his dad, Dr. Greg Winteregg. Since then, Neil has consulted or lectured to thousands of dentists and their teams on the subjects of case acceptance, PR and management. With business of dentistry in his DNA Neil knows how to help any dentist take their practice tothe next level!

Rushi Trivedi, MCS, M. FIN

MGE Seminar Instructor

An extraordinary entrepreneur and engineer, with master’s degrees in Computers and Finance, and also trained as an executive by MGE, Mr. Trivedi owns and manages several businesses in the New York area. Beginning with his wife’s small dental practice, Mr. Trivedi created two thriving practices which ollected $7,000,000 last year. He is well-versed in all areas of practice management and truly understands the formula for creating a successful business. Mr. Trivedi is extremely popular with audiences, due in no small part to his passion for sharing what he has learned with others and helping them succeed.

Agenda for the workshop

Day 1 - 9:00am - 5:30pm

Morning Program

  • Effective New Patient Marketing: an Introduction and Overview.  
  • Connecting with your Audience: Find out how to know - ahead of time - what will resonate with the people in your area and motivate them to pick up the phone. 99% of dentists get this wrong and put the wrong message in their marketing - making their money go to waste no matter what form of marketing they did.  
  • Marketing and Communication: Make sure your message stands out and is heard.

Day 2 - 9:00am - 3:30pm

Morning Program

  • Everything you wanted to know about Internet Marketing but were afraid to ask: You aren't an internet marketer by trade, but you do need to know enough to know what a web company should be doing for you and ensure you're getting results. We'll cover everything you need to know about internet marketing, in a simple way that you can understand and USE! This includes:

- A website that makes patients pick up the phone

- How to show up online

- The real use of social media

- How to make Google and other online ads cost-effective

- Having a great reputation on online review sites (Google, Yelp, etc.)

- And more!

Afternoon Program

  • Branding your Practice: How to create a cohesive marketing plan and really create a presence in your community. 
  • Combing Through the Options: All the different types of marketing and advertising available, what's working, the "do's and don'ts" of each, and where you should start.  
  • Exercising your Marketing Muscle: take what you’ve learned so far and put it to the test! Begin to construct your marketing campaign.

Afternoon Program

  • Initial Contact – New Patient Phone Calls: You may be losing up to 50% of your new patients – before you even meet them! Find out how to turn any new patient call (including the “shopper,” and “second opinion”) into a NEW PATIENT!
  • Internal Marketing Strategies: Get an easy to implement, foolproof referral strategy that can turn a $50 investment into thousands! We’ll also cover the fundamental laws of internal marketing success.
  • Your Marketing Campaign: Put it all together and walk out with a specific marketing strategy for your office!
  • Special FREE Bonus: Chances are there are thousands of “inactive” patients in your files. We’ll give you a turn-key, step-by-step Reactivation System to make these patients active again!

Seminar Agenda

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"Since coming to MGE, just about everything in the office has improved. We’ve gone from seeing an average of 39 new patients per month to 77. And our average income increased 628%!"

Khang Nguyen, DDS // Merced, CA

"My practice is 100% fee-for service, so all of my new patients come from my marketing efforts. Everything my staff and I learned from the New Patient Workshop has made my marketing for new patients much more effective. Our new patients have increased from 19 per month to an average of 55 per month so far!"

Charmaine Johnson, DDS // Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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