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The MGE New Patient Workshop

2-Day CE Seminar

If you’re reading this, you probably want one thing: Practice Growth.

You know your dental practice has more potential.

You know you could be more productive and profitable.

And it’s no secret that seeing more new patients is the key to unlocking your

practice’s potential.

What often gets lost in all of this though is that “getting more new patients” is

only one half of the practice “growth” equation.

The other half? You must retain these new patients in your practice!

If you keep reading, you’ll discover a proven approach that will not only help you tap into your practice’s true growth potential, but also…

  • Show you study based, statistically proven marketing methods that get more high-quality new patients and won’t “break the bank.”
  • Demonstrate how to double, triple, or even quadruple your new patient referrals.
  • Teach you how to “wow” your new patients with a one-of-a-kind “New Patient Experience”.
  • Reveal a three-step process that can take New Patient treatment acceptance (for FULL treatment plans) to the next level!
  • Establish customer service procedures in your practice that takes the effort out of patient retention. They love your practice, stay with it and send you their friends and family.
  • And as a bonus – we’ll show you the key to not only keeping your existing patient base “active,” we’ll teach you how to “reactivate” patients that you haven’t been seeing, in some cases for years!

And you’ll learn all of this virtually risk free. You won’t have to “change” the way you practice, your clinical philosophy, buying a bunch a new equipment or “selling your soul,” by joining low-fee insurance or discount plans.

This is about reaching your true potential – not someone else’s idea of what you should be doing. We’ll show you how to grow your practice, get more new patients and become more productive and profitable, within your current practice framework!

More New Patients + High Retention Percentage = Sustained Practice Growth.

Glendale, CA

September 14 & 15, 2018

December 7 & 8, 2018

St. Petersburg, FL

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3 seminar locations to choose from:

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The MGE New Patient Workshop

Get More New Patients or your money back!

New York, NY

October 25 & 26, 2018

January 17 & 18, 2019

November 16 & 17, 2018

February 14 & 15, 2019


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Tuition Cost:

Included with your tuition:

Attendance to our 2-Day New Patient Workshop

FREE 1-on-1 Implementation Coaching with one of our Expert Application Specialists

Surveys you can use to get accurate market research for your area.

A Marketing Plan that will create a flood of high-quality new patients in your practice

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The “secret ingredient” to sustained practice growth

RESULTS: The Only Thing That Matters

We recently completed a study of the MGE New Patient Workshop. We were looking specifically to determine the long-term sustained statistical results of the workshop for the dentists that attended.

To do this, we pulled random groups of New Patient Workshop attendees from 2015 and 2016 and took their average monthly new patients for the three months prior to the workshop and then compared this against their average monthly new patients for the entire year that followed.

Prior to doing the New Patient Workshop, the average dentist/attendee was seeing 24.4 new patients per month. In the year that followed, the average dentist/attendee saw 34.7 new patients per month, a 42% increase, or 10 extra new patients each month!*

Using our new patient value of $1,200 in year one, that means the average New Patient Workshop attendee potentially added an additional $12,000 per month or $144,000 a year in revenues by attending the MGE New Patient Workshop!

With the retention and referral strategies from the New Patient Workshop, these doctors can take these numbers even higher by keeping these new patients in the practice and seeing the benefits when they refer their friends and families!

Ken Cirka, DMD

“I opened my own office from scratch in Philadelphia. Things were very slow at first. I’d sit around all day and get about three phone calls. I didn’t take a check my first year in practice. I knew I needed to take action fast, so on the recommendation of a colleague, I enrolled on the MGE New Patient Workshop.

Ever since coming to the workshop, I’ve averaged at least 100 new patients per month! The exact numbers (which I track closely now) went from an average of 20 to 137 new patients per month. And collections have gone up by 700%!”

Average New Patient Increase from the workshop!


Before: 20 New Patients

After: 137 New Patients

*Results may vary from client to client, especially depending on the client’s degree of dedication to positive change. As such, no particular result can be promised or guaranteed to any client. The averages described on this page under statistical increases are based on a statistical study of a number of clients who participated in the MGE New Patient Workshop. They are not, however, a guarantee of results of any kind. MGE: Management Experts, Inc., hereby expressly disclaims any and all warranties expressed and implied, including without limitation all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.


Market Research

Attempting to market your practice with poor or no market research is like flying in a blizzard. It’s also a great way to waste money. Immediately after you sign up for the MGE New Patient Workshop we provide you with a simple market research survey that you’ll give to 40 of your “best” patients.

They are the patients who truly value dentistry and their dental health. Why? We want to get “inside” their heads and find out what people like them are looking for in a dentist. Because we want more patients just like them! The survey is easy to do, and patients can fill them out in less than five minutes while they’re waiting in the office.


The MGE New Patient Workshop

Two days crammed with a TON of information, the MGE New Patient Workshop teaches you the winning strategies used by the most productive dentists in the country to get and keep new patients!  

This includes in-depth details for marketing strategy, referral programs, customer service, case acceptance and patient retention. You’ll leave the workshop with a solid New Patient Acquisition and Retention plan and implementation checklist for your office to start implementing on Monday!


Follow Up / Implementation

The best laid plans can never happen if they aren’t executed. And here’s where the MGE New Patient Workshop really shines.

Follow up questions, assistance, troubleshooting, whatever you need to implement your new patient plan – we’re here and ready to help!  

Every client that attends the MGE New Patient Workshop is assigned to the MGE Application Specialist to oversee implementation. Have a question? You can call or email us anytime.

And don’t think we’re just waiting to hear from you – you’ll be hearing from us to check how you’re moving along with the implementation steps. We’re also here if you run into a snag or have trouble with implementation.




How the MGE New Patient Workshop Works

The MGE New Patient Workshop is a two-day program offered in New York City, Southern California and St. Petersburg, Florida.

But there’s far more to the program than just a two-day seminar. There are things you do before you attend, implementation steps and follow up after you attend the workshop. All in all, the program is a logical step-by-step process that moves you from where you are now through to full implementation and MORE HIGH-QUALITY NEW PATIENTS!

The general outline of the program follows:

MGE is about results – your results. And together we’ll get them!

The Bottom Line.

At MGE, we understand the dental industry, which is not surprising when you consider that one of the company partners, Dr. Winteregg, is a dentist and has worked exclusively with thousands of dentists in the US and Canada for decades.

But more importantly we understand the individual dentist - you. We know what you’re up against in running your practice. And we’re familiar with the challenges associated with bringing in and retaining new patients.

You know you need more new patients.

The question is: How?

You could sign up for a bunch of plans – and maybe you already have, but where does that lead in the long run? How long can you do a $400 crown and hope to be profitable, much less retire or send your kids to college?

And if you’re the average doctor, you’ve probably tried some form of external marketing, and again if you’re like your colleagues, you've seen mixed results.

And you’ve probably seen other things that need improvement. Maybe your receptionist needs to handle the phones a bit better with regards to new patients. Or perhaps you need to attract higher quality new patients that care about their dental health and are willing to pay for it. And maybe in one of those reflective moments you’ve wondered why you don’t get more new patient referrals. If each of your active patients were to just refer one person…

So, you’ve looked at ways to get new patients and what do you run into: too many options.

There’s no shortage of “new patient ideas.” The questions are: What works? And what isn’t going to cost a zillion dollars?

Again, we understand. And we know.

So, what usually happens? One of two things, nothing and the doctor continues to “hope,” or the doctor says to heck with it and pays some marketing company to “get me more new patients.” Which gets you mixed results and the cycle begins again.

Again, it’s not all about getting more new patients, it’s about GETTING MORE NEW PATIENTS and KEEPING THEM.

To do this, you need internal and external marketing that works, and you need to make some changes inside your practice.

And more importantly, you need a helping hand to ensure that those changes are implemented and stay implemented. You need more than just “information.” You need a live person that you can call or email as you implement your New Patient Plan. You need someone that will hold you accountable. You need a coach. And that’s what you get when you attend the MGE New Patient Workshop.

Glendale, CA

September 14 & 15, 2018

December 7 & 8, 2018

St. Petersburg, FL

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3 seminar locations to choose from:

Want to talk to one of our team members? Call (800) 640-1140 and ask for April, or email

The MGE New Patient Workshop

Get More New Patients or your money back!

New York, NY

October 25 & 26, 2018

January 17 & 18, 2019

November 16 & 17, 2018

February 14 & 15, 2019


Limited Time Offer!


Tuition Cost:

Included with your tuition:

Attendance to our 2-Day New Patient Workshop

FREE 1-on-1 Implementation Coaching with one of our Expert Application Specialists

Surveys you can use to get accurate market research for your area.

A Marketing Plan that will create a flood of high-quality new patients in your practice

Don't wait, register today! Fill out the form below and one of our team members will contact you!

100% Money-Back Guarantee.

The MGE New Patient Workshop comes with a full money-back guarantee. Tuition is fully refundable whether the course is attended or not for up to six months following the seminar date. There truly is no risk involved.

What You'll Learn

Now is the Best Time Ever to be a Dentist in Private Practice: Based on a number of industry statistics we’ll show you how there are more opportunities in dentistry today than ever before – and we’ll show you how to take advantage of them!

How to Provide Five Star Customer Service: We’ll teach you winning strategies to not only make your patients happy, but make them want to keep coming back – and referring their friends!

Open Up the Doors for TONS of New Patient Referrals! We’ll teach you a turn-key system that all your staff can participate in that will drive new patient referrals.

How to Fix the Phones – Get More New Patients! Did you know the average conversion rate for new patient calls in the United States is 23%? Yes, for every 100 prospective new patients that call a dental office, only 23% make an appointment on average! We’ll teach you a six step process that your receptionist should be following to ensure maximimum conversion. We’ll also show you how to effectively handle new patient calls from “shoppers,” “second-opinions,” along with a winning way to handle the “do you take my plan” phone call.

How to Get Your Marketing Sending the right message: We’ll show you how to use the information from the market research surveys you did prior to the workshop to craft a message to use through all your marketing that gets people’s attention!

Cost-Effective External Marketing: We discuss the seven points that should be in any advertisement, along with how to make sure that any marketing you do is effective – before you spend money sending it out!

How to Keep Expenses Under Control and Maximize Profit: We’ll show you a seven point checklist to follow that will enable you to establish a marketing budget and control costs!

Get a great overall rating on Google, Yelp and Facebook: We’ll cover the ins and outs of online reviews, including how to get your patients to leave them in droves. We’ll also cover a six-point checklist for handling negative reviews along with how to respond without violating HIPPA!

How to build A “New Patient” Oriented Website: We’ll show you what’s wrong with most dental websites and give you a seven-point checklist that can transform your site from an “online brochure” into a New Patient Acquisition Machine! It’s so easy, your web developer can have it done in a week or so!

Social Media: How to Use it to Get New Patients! Social Media can be extremely effective, if it’s used properly. Well teach you how along with what to post to maximize results!

Facebook Marketing: Learn the real value of Facebook marketing that most offices (and marketing consultants) overlook. 

Google Adwords: Google ads can be incredibly expensive if done incorrectly. But if you do it RIGHT, it can be one of the most reliable and cost-effective methods of attracting new patients. 

Make a Great First Impression: We’ll show you how to use your new patient examination to “wow” patients and improve treatment acceptance and retention.

Bonus: Let’s “reactivate” those “inactive” patients: Where are all those “overdue” patients? As a bonus, we’ll cover a comprehensive reactivation program that gets those patients back in and on the schedule!


Case Studies

Don't just take our word for it, see it for yourself. Hear what some of our customers have to say about the New Patient Workshop!

Michael Ofir, DMD

“Before coming to MGE, we had problems with new patients and retention. As a result, production was erratic. A good month would be followed by a bad month, and we’d have to borrow money then catch up the next month…then the following month would be a disaster.

It’s funny looking back on those times now. It’s like a different life. Things are so different now. We did the MGE New Patient Workshop and became proactive about new patients. Since then, we’ve cut down our managed care from 90% of the practice to about 20%, and we’re up to 185 new patients per month!”

Alla Dorfman, DDS

“My practice was doing fine, but nowhere near what I saw as it’s potential. We were just kind of ‘getting by,’ seeing an average of 40 new patients per month – many of which came from reduced-fee plans.

The New Patient Workshop taught me how to effectively market my practice both internally and externally. To boost our referrals, we focused heavily on systems to improve customer service to accompany our top-notch clinical standard for every patient. We also saw (and continue to see) immense benefit from the referral system we learned from MGE.

Externally we now have a strong internet presence, which includes lots of great reviews, profiles on directories and our website.

As a result of the MGE New Patient Workshop, new patients increased from an average of 40 to 150 a month – while dropping 75% of our reduced fee plans!

Another important aspect of our marketing is patient recall and reactivation. This works so well that between our new patient growth and recall I now have three hygienists and a much busier office!”

Daryl Duncan, DDS

“We realized we were producing the same numbers year after year (no growth) and we knew something was wrong. Income was inconsistent and I was having trouble collecting enough to pay myself!

We did the MGE New Patient Workshop to try to increase the number of fee-for-service new patients. We had already been doing some marketing at the time (particularly newspaper, TV and internet), and at the workshop we found out what we were missing in that marketing! There were certain key points that we had just been missing. So we adjusted and suddenly our marketing campaigns started to be more effective – without spending more.

As a result, we increased the total number of new patients by about 20 per month. That number is actually bigger than it sounds if you consider that over the same time we stopped accepting discounted state insurance plans. So our fee-for-service new patients have really double – and our collections have more than doubled, too!”

Jigar Gandhi, DDS

“I bought a fairly productive practice that had room for expansion…but then our first month was tough. Terrible actually. We barely covered the overhead and didn’t have anything left over for ourselves. It was a big reality check. And it didn’t improve much the next few months.

So we did the MGE New Patient Workshop. The first thing we addressed was the fact that our marketing just wasn’t working. We learned some very simple guidelines and we started seeing results. Now we are able to really increase our budget and be more aggressive because we are getting more return on investment from it.

We also learned some very effective free or low-cost ways to improve our online presence, and that has taken us from the third or fourth page of Google to page one! We got an additional 20 new patients the next month, saying things like ‘We saw you on Google’ or ‘Yelp’ or ‘Facebook,’ and even better – all of this cost less than $600!

Overall we’ve increased from 15 to 62 new patients per month, and production has more than doubled!”

Nathan Owens, DDS

“Before the MGE New Patient Workshop, my practice wasn’t growing. We were doing single-tooth dentistry, and I needed to make a change.

I took the strategies I learned at the workshop and applied them, and then the external marketing I was doing immediately started paying for itself and more. The return-on-investment only increased from there.

Since then, I’ve gone from seeing 35 to 100 new patients every month and we’re on track to collect $2.5 million this year!”

Before: 35 New Patients   After: 100 New Patients

Before: 100 New Patients   After: 185 New Patients

Before: 40 New Patients

After: 150 New Patients

Before: 21 New Patients

After: 42 New Patients

Before: 15 New Patients

After: 62 New Patients

Who is MGE: Management Experts?

MGE: Management Experts, Inc. or “MGE,” is a practice management training company.

We specialize in the dental industry, teaching dentists, dental specialists, and their teams how to master virtually every aspect of managing a successful dental practice. From Marketing, to Case Acceptance, HR, Executive Skills and Overhead Management through to Practice Transitions.

We’re headquartered in a 55,000 square foot facility in St. Petersburg, Florida and have a satellite training facility in Glendale, California.

With clients in 48 US States and 4 Canadian Provinces, MGE services are attended by over 10,000 dental professionals (Dentists, Office Manager, Hygienists, auxiliary staff) EVERY YEAR!

One of the subjects we teach is how to increase new patient flow, and with our network of clients in over 48 US states and 4 Canadian provinces, we’re granted incredible insight into what’s working in the industry right now in 2018 to attract new patients.

We understand dentistry and, more importantly the individual dentist - you. We know what you’re up against in running your practice.

And we know how, exactly how, to create a wildly successful and profitable dental practice. You’ve probably seen our client success stories. They are real.

And before your inner skeptic kicks in…we accomplish our mission with NO GIMMICKS, NO SHORT-CUTS, NO UNETHICAL PRACTICES. Our clients are successful for one reason – they are doing more needed dentistry and helping more people.

Our team of over 70 includes many competent and experienced executives, dentists and former office managers. Many of whom have operated dental offices in the top 5% of the industry – as well as executives and marketing experts coming from highly successful business backgrounds. Again…we know what it takes to grow your practice.

And let’s be real. Why would you pay for a course like ours? Results. We know what you’re looking for. Well, we get them. And that’s why we highlight our results at every turn. At MGE we live, sleep and breathe results.

Hear From Other Dentists Who Have Attended the New Patient Workshop

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The MGE New Patient Workshop


Limited Time Offer!