The New Patient Workshop

Optimize your practice to generate MORE NEW PATIENTS!

- Jigar Gandhi, DDS - Shore Smiles Dental

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Interactive Virtual Workshop

Oct 2-3, 2020

Oct 16-17, 2020

Oct 30-31, 2020

Nov 13-14, 2020

10 CE Units

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Thousands of dentists are more productive from doing this workshop!

Now it's easier than ever for you to do the same!

About MGE: Management Experts

We are an education company. We don't sell marketing products or programs. We teach dentists and their teams how to organize and manage successful practices. 

Acquiring new patients is an essential part of growing your practice—especially in the aftermath of COVID-19. So learning how to add high quality fee-for-service patients without overspending is one of the first things is one of the first services we provide for our clients. We also teach case acceptance, staffing, teamwork, organization, profitability and more. 

MGE Management Experts Inc. is designated as an Approved PACE Program Provider by the Academy of General Dentistry. The formal continuing education  programs of this program provider are accepted by AGD Fellowship, Mastership and  membership maintenance credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by a state of provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement. The current term of approval extends from 4/1/2018 to 3/31/2021. Provider ID# 305927. SUBJECT CODE 550. METHOD “L”

“We were blown away by the things they taught us! I remember thinking at first, ‘What are they talking about?!’ It was so different from everything else you hear around the industry. But it was great. The problem with us (dentists) is that with new patients we figure, ‘let’s call a marketing company,’ but getting a high, steady flow of new patients is so much more than just placing an ad or doing a postcard.”

- Jigar Gandhi, DDS & Karol Molina, OM

Long Island, NY

"We saw immense benefit from the referral system we learned at the workshop. Our new patients increased from an average of 40 to 124 a month, while dropping 75% of our reduced fee plans!"

- Alla Dorfman, DDS

Tribeca, NY

How it works

Walk away with an exact plan for your practice. These are things your team can starting using immediately on Monday to get more new patients—and long-term strategies for practice growth. 

And it doesn't stop there! We'll follow up with you to help you implement everything successfully. 

Custom step-by-step plan


Get a one-on-one evaluation of your web presence, marketing and new patient acquisition procedures.

This is an in-depth evaluation so you can discover why people aren't finding you online, picking up the phone after seeing your website, showing up for their appointments, leaving positive online reviews, or referring their friends and family to you.

Individual evaluation


This is an interactive meeting where you'll learn systems for connecting with the people in your community, standing out from your competition, attracting new patients, and getting them arrived and started on treatment. 

And we'll actually start optimizing your web presence right there during the workshop!

Because this workshop is so interactive, spots are limited. 

Attend the workshop via online video meeting


Get more new patients—or your money back!

If you're not satisfied for any reason within 6 months of attending the workshop, we'll refund your tuition in full. No questions asked. 

Meet the speakers

We are ecstatic to have Dan Brown here with us at MGE now. He is an experienced executive who has served several major organizations to create tremendous growth. Dan has been to over 20 different countries, given workshops to over 8000 people, having trained all manner of businesses in all walks of life.

Known for incredibly effective seminars and workshops in addition to consulting and coaching services, Dan has provided Needs Analysis reports, skills assessments, flow evaluations, marketing evaluations (both online and off-line), management coaching, business troubleshooting, staff seminars and custom training materials for managers as well as for employees. Dan has focused on helping businesses boost their income on an immediate basis, utilizing both outbound and inbound marketing strategies, off-line and online - inclusive of social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, video marketing and others. 

Dan Brown

Jeff Santone holds a Master’s degree in Economics from George Washington University and was a Senior Financial Analyst at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors for six years. He then joined his wife, Dr. Virginia Lee, as the business manager of Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center. 

In 2007, Mr. Santone enrolled in and completed the MGE Executive Training Program. Applying his expertise in the areas of management, personnel, finance and marketing, he has been instrumental in transforming Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center into one of the top specialist practices in the DC Metro area. A model of efficiency, the office has seen a collections increase of 400%—$50,000 per month to well in excess of $200,000 per month, with only one doctor.

Jeff Santone

Hear from dentists that have attended

Yes! I want more info about the New Patient Workshop

With the state of the economy after COVID-19, you don't have time to wait. Get started today!

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Interactive Virtual Workshop

Oct 2-3, 2020

Oct 16-17, 2020

Oct 30-31, 2020

Nov 13-14, 2020

10 CE Units

What do we teach at the workshop?

We show you how to optimize every aspect of your practice involved with new patient acquisition. The whole process from external/internal marketing to answering the phone,  scheduling these patients and getting treatment accepted. 

Topics include:

  • How to handle negative online reviews without violating HIPAA
  • How to get TONS of positive online reviews
  • Using your Google profile to your advantage
  • Search Engine Optimization: how to show up above your competition
  • Social media strategies that actually create engagement in your community
  • How to vet a web marketing company and evaluate their performance

Zero cost ways to optimize your web presence:

  • So many options:
    Direct mail
    Google Ads
    Facebook Ads
    Referral services (ZocDoc, 1800-Dentist, etc)
    Print ads
  • How do you choose and how you get good return-on-investment?

Cost-effective external marketing options:

  • Why the average dental office only converts 23% of potential new patient calls into appointments
  • The statistically proven way to convert calls into appointments
  • How to handle different types of calls:
    Shopping prices
    2nd opinions
    Do you take my insurance?
    Do you have evening/weekend hours?
  • How to schedule new patients so they SHOW UP

Converting phone calls into appointments:

  • Implementing an effective referral program
  • Getting the whole team on board
  • Motivating patients to participate
  • The right way to ask for referrals
  • Getting referred patients scheduled right then and there
  • Finding referrals in places you never thought to look

Getting more referrals:

  • Getting new patients onto a consistent hygiene schedule
  • Reactivating patients who have fallen off in the past (a reactivated patient is better than a new patient)

Retaining patients & building up your hygiene program:

  • Calculating your marketing budget according to your growth plans
  • How to use your budget effectively
  • Calculating return-on-investment for each marketing avenue so you're not flying blind
  • Creating an integrated campaign so everything works together—not random sporadic marketing 

Budget & strategy

  • How to create a memorable new patient experience
  • Keys to excellent customer service
  • The perfect new patient exam
  • Guiding the patient into trusting you and accepting treatment
  • Guidelines for a new patient treatment presentation.

New patient experience & case acceptance:

Course Objectives:

  • Outline low and no-cost methods for acquiring new patients
  • Discover ways to maximize response and return-on-investment from external marketing
  • Fine-tune the new patient experience and strategies for patient retention
  • Develop plan for acquiring more fee-for-service new patients and creating consistent practice growth

"Since coming to MGE, just about everything in the office has improved. We've gone from an average of 39 new patients a month to 77. And our average income increase 628%!"

- Khang Nguyen, DDS

Merced, CA

"The workshop taught me how to market strategically. It has been a major part of our success, enabling us to go up from an average of 20 to 70 new patients a month!"

- Anatoly Bensianoff, DDS

Lindin, NJ

Yes! I want more info about the New Patient Workshop

Spots are limited at this workshop, because we work with each person individually to ensure you get the best results.

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Interactive Virtual Workshop

Oct 2-3, 2020

Oct 16-17, 2020

Oct 30-31, 2020

Nov 13-14, 2020

10 CE Units

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